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Picture this . . . you walk into a premier rehearsal facility.  You proceed down a hallway where you encounter one or more large practice rooms.  The live music is PUMPING!  Rock, blues, pop, Motown stream into the passageway.  You peer into each of the rooms and see fully equipped spacious studios. Drums, amps, mics, stands, PA - and musicians.   Guitar players, bass players, drums and keys - all blissfully engaged in a killer informal jam session.  No audience.  No play three songs at the open mic and go home.  Instead,  3 1/2 hours per night of ROCKING OUT with great people on great equipment.  And all you have to do is PLUG IN and start jamming!

Jam all night for only $20 per Jammer

​* prices subject to change

The Jam Gym is a recreational music "club" catering to you, the amateur musician.   We know you love to play!   But where?  With whom?  And where are you going to find all the equipment?  The Jam Gym's mission is to remove all of the barriers that non-professional musicians face when they desire to play and perform music with others.  And that is precisely what we have done!  

So what is the Jam Gym?

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How does it work? (think of it as a pick-up game  . . . but for musicians)

See our Article in Voyage Chicago Magazine!

(Article Correction: We no longer meet Thursday but rather on 2nd and 4th Monday)

Ok, so how much?